User Guide - Ski Accommodation Providers

Step by step Guide on how to get bookings using Ski Accommodation Finder.

General Guide To Register Your Ski Accommodation:

Ski Accommodation Finder does what it says on the Tin: Get bookings directly from ski holiday makers. Bookings are done outside the system directly with your potential customers. Ski Accommodation Finder does not get involved in the quotation process. You can make unlimited quotes and there are no commissions and no transaction fees.

You will receive all ski accommodation requests relevant to your accommodation profile. How many requests you receive will depend on how many relevant requests are submitted by accommodation seekers.

You will get a email notification for each relevant request. You don’t have to log-in on a daily basis to see how many requests you received. Log-in weekly or each time you get a request by email.

Submitting a quote will automatically disclosed your accommodation and contact details including website address, email and phone number. No need to include your website URL in the comment box of the quote. Once you made a valid quote, holiday makers will know who you are and how to contact you. If your quote is interesting they will get in touch for bookings.

The system does not disclose holiday makers contact details to avoid unnecessary emails and follow-ups. By making a quote holidaymakers have all the information required to make a decision and contact you.

The number of requests you will get depends on the way you register you accommodation:

>> Register your minimum and maximum capacity wide will get you more requests.

>> Register your minimum and maximum capacity narrow will get you less requests.

You can change your ski accommodation details at any time. Changing you ski accommodation details will affect the type of request you will get. You can submit as many quotes as you like free of charge. You can override your quote as many times as you like. You can increase or decrease your quote at any time.

Step by Step Owners Guide:

1) got to Ski Accommodation Registration Form, complete form and submit
2) System will send you two emails:
3) a copy of your accommodation details
4) your username and password
5) You can log-in at any time, review requests and make quotes.
6) You can make as many quotes as you like
7) You can overwrite previous quotes by submitting a new quote at any time

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Ski Accommodation Finder is the only site that allows you get unlimited accommodation requests. No middlemen and there is no commission to pay. This should enable you to get more bookings and promote you chalet, apartment, hotel or B&B.

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