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Step by step Guide on how to find ski apartments, chalets, hotels or B&Bs using Ski Accommodation Finder.

General Guide To Find Ski Accommodation:

Ski Accommodation Finder does what it says on the Tin: Find ski accommodation directly with apartment, chalet, hotel or B&B providers. All bookings are done outside our system directly with owners / providers - no fees, no commissions.

Your ski accommodation request will be made available in real-time to apartment-, hotel-, chalet- and B&B owners. How many quotes you will get and how quickly you will get them will depend on each individual accommodation provider.

Submitting a request will not automatically disclosed your contact details to accommodation providers. With each quote you receive you will also get ski accommodation provider’s website, email and contact details in addition to a price quote. You are in control at any time. You can choose if and when to get in touch with individual accommodation owners.

The number of quotes you will get depends on the nature of your request:

>> Exact, ski resort specific, detailed requests with additional requirements will get you less quotes.
>> None ski resort specific ('any'), less detailed requests will get you more quotes.

You can delete your ski accommodation request at any time, at which point you won’t receive any more quotes and no more email notification.

You can submit a new request at any time free of charge.

Step by Step guide:

1) got to Ski Accommodation Finder Form, complete form and submit
2) System will send you two emails:
a) a copy of your request
b) your username and password
3) You can log-in at any time, review quotes, view accommodation details and contact accommodation providers directly via their website, email or telephone.
4) System will send you an email each time you get a quote. You don’t have to log-in and check status of new quotes.
5) Once logged in you can:
a) Change your user details / password any time
b) Review you quote and all owners contact details
c) Place unlimited new requests at any time
d) Get in touch with accommodation providers
6) If you want accommodation owner to get in touch to book accommodation – press ‘request booking’
7) If you want to delete, select the quotes you want to delete and press ‘delete selected quotes’

Try Ski Accommodation Finder to find your ideal ski accommodation. Please also try our sister site Ski Transfer Finder. Helps you find Cheap Ski Transfers and get Ski Transfer Enquiries in the same way Ski Accommodation Finder does.

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Ski Accommodation Finder is the only site that allows you share your requirements with all registered providers and ski accommodation owners. No middlemen and there is no commission to pay. This should enable you to get the cheapest ski accommodation possible, may be even in a resort you never been before.

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