Ski Accommodation Finder Cuts Out The Middlemen

Stop wasting time and paying commission when getting or letting ski accommodation

London, 18-09-2009

Ski Accommodation Finder, the new, innovative web service is helping independent ski holidaymakers to find flexible ski accommodation - without wasting precious time. The service is free for ski accommodation seekers, with only a nominal annual subscription charge for ski accommodation providers. Ski Accommodation Finder allows seekers and providers to connect directly - without paying any commissions to travel websites, agencies or tour operators.

Ski Accommodation Finder is first web-based 'request-for-quotation' engine dedicated to ski accommodation on a mission to cut out the middlemen this winter season. Self-arranged (DIY) ski holiday has seen a huge increase, driven by the availability of cheap flights, uncertainty about snow and skiers desire for flexibility.

There are over 300.000 self-catering ski accommodation units in the Alps, many of which are owned by private investors and individuals. By nature each owner is looking to let as many weeks during a season as possible. Competition during mid and low season is high, with ski resorts sometimes less than half full.

Xaver Matt, company director explains "ski accommodation owners try hard to get fully booked for the ski season. To do so, they have to rely on expensive advertising sites and commission based agencies to generate enquiries. Commissions can be as much as 25%-30% of rental fees. Advertising on one single rental website cost on average £150 - £200 per year. It all adds up!"

Last season almost 30% of the total UK ski travellers opted for a DIY ski vacation. Flights are easy to book online. In contrast, ski accommodation seekers still spend too much time browsing through endless websites, making countless enquiries and availability requests by email or phone.

Xaver Matt, company director believes "finding and booking ski accommodation directly still takes far too long. The Internet and the many on-line accommodation advertising websites have failed to cut down this considerable effort."

The team behind Ski Accommodation Finder has 10 years experience in letting ski accommodation in the Alps. The company has also considerable online marketing experience, having successfully launched a similar site, Ski Transfer Finder ( The site allows users to submit ski transfer requests and get quotes directly from airport transfer operators.

Ski Accommodation Finder is completely free for Ski Accommodation Seekers. There are absolutely no charges and no commissions, which should guarantee lowest price. User just have to compete a short request form which takes less than 2 min. Individual ski apartment-, chalet- and hotel owners can submit a quote. Users can review accommodation details, choose the best quote and make bookings without browsing hundreds of websites.

Ski Accommodation Provider can register accommodation in less than 2 min. No need update long descriptions, price lists and availability calendars. There is just a £35 annual subscription fee, no other charges and no commissions whatsoever. Once registered owners will receive all relevant enquiries submitted in real-time. The user-friendly quotation online quotation interface allows owners to quote in less than 10sec.

Use Ski Accommodation Finder to find your ski accommodation in France. You complete on single, short request form, Your requirement is shared with all relevant and registered ski accommodation providers. Individual ski apartment and chalet owners can submit a quote and you can pick the one that does suit you. Even if it is not ski accommodation in France.

Please also try our sister site Ski Transfer Finder. Helps you find Cheap Ski Transfers and get Ski Transfer Enquiries in the same way Ski Accommodation Finder does.

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Ski Accommodation Finder is the only site that allows you share your ski accommodation requirements with all registered owners and ski accommodation providers. There are no middlemen and there is no commission to pay. This should enable you to get the cheapest ski accommodation possible.

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