Next Season Ski Accommodation Prices?

There seems to be a lot of scaremongering regarding next seasons ski accommodation prices. Some press reports suggest we are in for a 10% - 30% price rise, because of a massive reduction in ski accommodation capacity. Many ski holidaymakers currently adopt a wait and see policy, hoping for a last minute deal during the 2009/2010 season. Will the reduction in capacity lead to increases in ski accommodation prices?

TUI is cutting chalet capacity by 40%

TUI Travel group, owners of Crystal, First Choice and Thomson, is planning to cut its number of chalets by 40 per cent, because bookings at the group's ski companies were down 20 per cent during 2008/2009 ski season compared to the previous year. "The 40 per cent cut is not industry-wide," said Mathew Prior, managing director of Crystal. "We've been more aggressive than anyone else as it is a small part of our programme (amounting to less than 15 per cent). Chalets have a lot of fixed costs - you can renegotiate the lease cost of the chalet, but you still have to pay for staff, food and wine," he added.

Impact on ski accommodation prices

Reading between the lines, the cuts TUI makes will not be followed by the entire ski industry. At the end of the day you can leave chalets dormant during a ski period, but they are still there to be used. TUI's loss might well be the gain of an independent provider or an individual owner. Some of the spare capacity will be sublet or sold, opening the door for a different provider to offer the ski accommodation at lower prices. At the end of the day, with all the new build over the past 10 years, there is plenty of capacity in the Alps going nowhere fast. Peak seasons such as Christmas New Year, half term and Easter have always been bottlenecks and will remain so.

Nothing really changed

Skiers who can avoid the peak periods will book in low and mid season. Families with children will book early to avoid disappointment. There is no evidence of a ski accommodation price hikes as yet and for most people it has always been about getting value for money, not just price.

Some tour operators and chalet providers use the latest price increase news to scare people into early bookings for next season. Outside peak season prices won't increase dramatically and there will be plenty availability. Non school holiday weeks won't suffer massive price rises as the ski season approaches as demand no doubt will be lower than last year. After all we are in a recession, which must have an impact on the number of people going on ski holidays in the first palce.

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