Room Only Ski Accommodation Advice

Renting a room only has some benefits but also a few drawbacks. This page will give you a useful guide to room rental in ski resorts, explain the pros and cons and how to go about getting the best place and best deal you possibly can.

Why go for a room only?

Renting a room only just as a place to sleep can be a good choice for some ski holiday makers but probably most appropriate for skiers and boarders on a tight budget. Room only ski accommodation is not the most common form of ski resort accommodation. The accommodation quality tends to be budget and the location is often 'sub' prime. As a landlord you probably let rooms only because you can't add value any other way. If you are looking to go for room only, make sure you check what you get before you book.

Pros and cons of booking a room only

A room only or a bed in group hostel or lodge tends to be the lowest cost ski accommodation available. Expect very basic rooms and possible noisy neighbours and no breakfast. You might find basic cooking facilities and you will almost certainly share your bathroom and WC with other people.

The great thing with room only accommodation in general is that it is cheap. But don't be fooled, you still have to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner which aren't cheap in a ski resort.

Things to consider when looking for room only ski accommodation:

>> Number of rooms in the accommodation - is it a youth hostel
>> Check that room has en-suite - floor bathrooms / WC are the norm, group showers possible
>> Distance to ski lift, slopes and resort centre
>> Tourist tax included in the price
>> Check availability of duvet, blanket and towels - sometimes provided at extra cost
>> Check in and check out time - might just get you some more ski hours

Try Ski Accommodation Finder to find a ski rooms in any ski resort. Unless you have to, why go for room only. Our system allows you to submit a request for 'any' accommodation type. See what offers you can get. You might be surprised and pick up some quality, catered accommodation or even a single room in a chalet for less than the budget you had in mind for your ski vacation.

Please also try our sister site Ski Transfer Finder. Helps you find Cheap Ski Transfers and get Ski Transfer Enquiries in the same way Ski Accommodation Finder does.

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Ski Accommodation Finder is the only site that allows you share your room only requirements with all registered owners and ski accommodation providers. There are no middlemen and there is no commission to pay. This should enable you to get the cheapest ski room or ski bed possible.

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